It’s a dog’s life at bt365体育娱乐—and a pretty good one, at that.

喜欢拥抱. Hates to be ignored. Always up for a Benebone. Introducing bt365体育娱乐蓝IV, our mascot.

Meet our mascot, Blue IV.

Born on October 30, 2019 at Fall Creek Place Animal Clinic, bt365体育娱乐蓝IV represents a whole new era in the bt365体育娱乐蓝色 Live Mascot program. He was delivered by Dr. Kurt Phillips ’92—by way of breeders Jodi and Cameron Madaj—and goes about his business under the care of handler Evan Krauss ’16, 还有他的妻子, 肯尼迪.

For inquiring minds, we’ve been known as the “Bulldogs” since 1919 but didn’t have an official live mascot until 2000. Learn more below about our (relatively) new pup on the block bt365体育娱乐蓝IV, and flip back through the program’s pedigreed past.

blue paw print with Blue IV under it

Autograph Request Form

Who doesn’t need a little extra bulldog in their life? I would be honored to send out an autograph to any of my ADORING fans, out of the kindness of my Bully heart. Request a personalized autograph card for you or your loved one. At this time we can only send autographs within the continental US.

bulldog in blue sweater with books


Between the Bookstore in Atherton Union, The Spirit Shop in Hinkle Fieldhouse, Shopbt365体育娱乐, and bt365体育娱乐, there is no shortage of opportunities to grab some Bulldog or bt365体育娱乐 University gear.

Every time you see bt365体育娱乐蓝IV in the wild—pumping up crowds and repping Bulldog nation—that appearance is made possible by a private donor or sponsor.
bt365体育娱乐蓝色 with 5 female students lying on grass